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Easter books March 19, 2009

Posted by Andrew Killick (Publishing Manager) in 5. News.

easter book cluster

Castle has four great titles for Easter that inform and inspire… buy all four titles and get a very special price.

Why Did Jesus Die? by Dick Tripp, ISBN 978-0-9582398-9-9. NZ$26.95rrp.

One of the most definitive books available worldwide on what the Bible says about the significance of the death of Jesus. Bible scholar and author J.I. Packer said of this book: “Dick Tripp combs the Scriptures to find and focus every reference to history’s most momentous event. Does a more thorough coverage of the biblical data exist anywhere? I doubt it.”  This book is ideal for pastors and ministers researching their Easter messages, but is also written for every Christian wanting to discover the full extent of Christ’s amazing sacrifice.

The Art of Easter by Rawene Centre Artists, ISBN 0-473-10930-1. NZ$24.95rrp.

Presented in glossy, full colour, The Art of Easter makes an ideal gift for friends, family, or business colleagues. Beautifully crafted, this exquisite book presents a stunning collection of art, photography and sculpture by over 30 New Zealand artists, displaying their own interpretations of the Easter message.

Life After Death: Christianity’s Hope and Challenge / Welcome to the Future by Dick Tripp & Derek Eaton, ISBN 0-9582333-1-4. NZ$19.95rrp.

Two books in one that will give you a clearer picture of life after death. In the first part of this book Dick Tripp explores the hope and challenges that the afterlife provide for Christianity, while in the second part Bishop Derek Eaton examines the Christian concepts of the future, including death, resurrection, judgement, hell and heaven.

The Resurrection of Jesus by Murray Harris, ISBN 0-9583682-7-9, NZ$6.95rrp.

Do Christians really believe that Jesus came back to life after being crucified? And why does it matter? Murray Harris investigates the Christian perspective on the Resurrection and looks at the evidence. This Affirm booklet is easy to read and is an excellent introduction to the Easter message.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy Why Did Jesus Die, The Art of Easter and Life After Death direct from Castle and pay just NZ$60 (+ postage), or add The Resurrection of Jesus and pay just NZ$65 (+ postage). That’s a total saving of nearly $20! Contact us to receive this special offer.



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