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Ideological Jihad July 31, 2009

Posted by Andrew Killick (Publishing Manager) in 4. Castle Distributed Books, Ideological Jihad.

Ideological Jihad coverAnother crucial and impressive new book distributed by Castle Publishing…

Ideological Jihad springs from the desire of Christian author Vickie Janson to better understand the ideas and beliefs of her Muslim friends and neighbours.

Over the course of seven years Vickie and her husband took every opportunity to learn more about Islam and discuss beliefs with Muslims in an open and honest way.

Ideological Jihad explores the impact of Islam on western societies, with particular reference to Australia, where Vickie lives.

The book is presented as an open letter to Waleed Aly, author of the influential book People Like Us: How arrogance is dividing Islam and the West. But it is much more than that – it is important reading for anybody interested in the effects of a culture clash between Islam and a western society with Christian foundations – whether that society be Australia, New Zealand or any other western nation.

Vickie presents her arguments and findings with sincere honesty and clarity – her message made all the more powerful by virtue of the fact that she has bypassed prejudice through engaging with real people in real situations.

Intelligent, important, insightful and accessible.

Ideological Jihad retails for NZ$20, but is available now for the special pre-release price of NZ$18. Contact us for more info or to order a copy.



1. John - August 20, 2009

I have read this book. It has been written by someone who knows what she is talking about by virtue of the fact that she has actually gone in to the Muslim precincts and has interacted with them. There are very few Christians who have taken the trouble to do this.
The writer clearly has a discerning mind and great ability to expose
her discoveries of fallacious and dangerous doctrines. She reveals a love for these persons trapped in a politico-religious system which is
intolerant of all other religions.
We should all read this book.

John - August 20, 2009

I find your blog system a bit different from the usual.
I have given my Email address but it is not for publication.

Sharon - November 3, 2010

Its a fantastic book and Vicky has put in an incredible amount of work and faith to get this done for us all to read and understand. Yes a book we should all read. Well done.

2. Andrew Killick (Publishing Manager) - August 20, 2009

Thanks for your comments and endorsement of the book John. The email address you supplied during posting is not visible publicly.

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