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What’s God Up To On Planet Earth? April 21, 2010

Posted by Andrew Killick (Publishing Manager) in 4. Castle Distributed Books, What's God Up To On Planet Earth?.
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And with that question, Mark Keown (a doctor of theology who lectures at Laidlaw College) launches into one of the finest books of its kind to be published in the last 20 years.

There’s an awful lot of prejudice standing between the average person and information on what Christianity is really all about. Most people have some opinion on the church and Christians. So the challenge is to provide a level playing field – something accessible, not preachy, not cliché, not threatening or embarrassing – a place for them to carry out their own investigations, find a truly informed opinion about Christianity and act accordingly.

Mark succeeds in creating a book that is readable, accessible without being simplistic, and actually quite definitive. He has done a remarkable job of negotiating variant  interpretations of Christian tenets by sticking to the core of orthodox Christianity. Where significant differing interpretations exist, he discusses them and states his own preference.

Mark really does cover the whole scope of the Christian message, from before the Fall to the return of Jesus, and everything in between.  He captures the whole thing in the 120 pages that make up the main body of the book. These 120 pages are then enhanced with tools for further investigation: thought-provoking questions, extensive footnotes, appendices and recommended readings grouped into key subjects. Total page count: 160.

I was involved with the editing and production of this book, but I’m filled with admiration for what Mark has accomplished. I’m not alone in this admiration. Craig Blomberg of Denver Seminary said, “Many Christians have summarised their beliefs over the years in written form. But few have done so in as lively and compelling a fashion as Mark Keown. If you thought faith was dull or boring, think again – and read this book. Long time Christ-followers and those who know nothing about Christianity will alike benefit from this book.”

What’s God Up To On Planet Earth available now.

Contact us for more info or to order a copy. Only NZ$24.95 per copy + P&P. Also available in New Zealand from Christian bookshops.

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