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Amazon June 9, 2010

Posted by Andrew Killick (Publishing Manager) in 3. Castle Books, 4. Castle Distributed Books, 5. News.

Amazon is the world’s largest book retailer, and a number of Castle titles are now available from the Amazon website. If you live in New Zealand or Australia we encourage you to support local outlets, but if you live overseas, Castle books are now just a click away.

Castle has only recently added our books to this service, but a few months ago I was alarmed (and in some ways a bit flattered) to find that on the second hand Amazon market the Castle classic Beyond Death and Dishonour is selling for US$329.95 (this is not a typo)! It’s clearly considered a ‘rare book’, but I’m sure customers will enjoy paying US$18 now that we have our listings up and running.

If you’ve purchased and loved a Castle title in the past (no matter where you purchased it) you can go onto the Amazon website and leave a customer review. It would be great if you would. Here’s a list of Castle titles currently available from Amazon:

What’s God Up To On Planet Earth?
Beyond Death and Dishonour

Milton Smith: A Man After God’s Heart
All This and the Moon
Faith, Politics and Servant Leadership
The Monster in the Mirror
Reading the Funny Bible
Quiet Moments
Undaunted Faith
Passion and Fire
Why Culture Matters
Why Did Jesus Die?
Healthy, Happy, Free
Faith at Work
A Grip on Grief
Shooting the Globe
Konnichi wa Kiwi
Shattered and Restored



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