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On the press: Trial to Triumph June 28, 2010

Posted by Andrew Killick (Publishing Manager) in 5. News.

What is it in the human spirit that enables ordinary people to overcome extraordinary odds? That’s the question that fascinated author George Bryant, and the answers he found are in an inspiring new book that is on the press now and arriving any day…

George decided that the best way to answer this burning question would be to research the lives of Kiwi battlers and interview them firsthand where possible. Trial to Triumph is the result. The book contains many stories from people in many walks of life – people who have  overcome abuse, disabilities, sickness and trauma. For the dark territory that this book covers by necessity, it is a very inspirational read. The stories themselves are incredibly readable and interesting but will also help us find keys in our own lives for rising above difficulties.

Trial to Triumph has already garnered high praise – NZ Herald columnist Garth George calls it “An uplifting and tremendously encouraging read”.

TV journalist Rob Harley says in his foreword, “Read this book with humility but read it with hope.”

Trial to Triumph is published by DayStar books, with production work done by Castle. To be released on 9 July. For more info on the book visit the DayStar website. To discuss your publishing project contact Castle.



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