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Hot off the press: The Real Goal July 26, 2011

Posted by Andrew Killick (Publishing Manager) in 3. Castle Books, The Real Goal.

Well, there’s a certain rather large sporting event taking place in New Zealand in less than two months. New Zealand is rugby-mad at the best of times but when it comes to the world cup (our worries about how well the All Blacks will perform aside) the intensity goes up more than one notch. Add to that an influx of rugby fans from around the world, and this creates a rather unique context.

We want people to know more about Jesus. We believe in a message that can change individuals and the world for the better. So when you combine that with the rugby context, what comes out is something like our newest production – The Real Goal.

This pocket-sized (90mm x 148mm) 8-page gospel tract booklet features contemporary design and a conversational style to explain the Christian gospel message for sports fans – especially fans of Union or League. Written by Laidlaw College lecturer Mark Keown (author of What’s God Up To On Planet Earth?) and Jeff Hagan.

We’re really excited about this.

Please head over to this page on our website, where you can preview the booklet as a pdf, get more info, and purchase copies (only 50c (NZ) each)…



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