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Into the Heart of Papua New Guinea November 22, 2012

Posted by Andrew Killick (Publishing Manager) in 4. Castle Distributed Books, Into the Heart of Papua New Guinea.
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This is one seriously remarkable project, and a privilege for Castle to have worked on. Kay Liddle, along with his wife Gwen, pioneered mission work in Papua New Guinea in the early 1950s. When Kay first arrived in New Guinea, he waded ashore to the beach and had his baggage dumped around him by the ship’s crew who then sailed off over the horizon to leave him to his new adventure. His involvement with PNG has continued to this day, meaning that there is no shortage of fascinating stories about the work that was done, and a vast amount of mission experience, understanding and knowledge.

One book couldn’t do the story justice, so it was decided that Kay’s masterwork would be published in two volumes. Into the Heart of Papua New Guinea and Deeper into the Heart of Papua New Guinea are now available.

Book One covers the earlier years of Kay’s mission adventure, while Book Two charts a move from early ‘missionary work’ to contemporary ‘missions partnership’ alongside the flourishing of the Papuan church.

The scope of the project means that these books are not only an exciting and absorbing read, but also an important resource for understanding the history and development of mission work and policy in the last 60 years. This book really is a gift to the church – we can be thankful that Kay has documented this amazing story.

More more info and to purchase the books, visit the main Castle website.



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