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Getting it right November 21, 2014

Posted by Andrew Killick (Publishing Manager) in 6. Castle Tips.
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Self-publishing is taking off, it’s accessible to everyone. But what’s the trick to it?

Today I came across an excellent NZ Herald article from September. It investigates the rise of self-publishing and highlights some remarkable New Zealand success stories.

The thing that is implicit in the article is that there is absolutely no substitute for a proactive author. But it also makes another important point – your product has to be right. Enter Castle.

The article quotes Doris Mousdale, stalwart of the NZ book industry, owner of Arcadia Bookstore in Newmarket, and former national book manager for Whitcoulls and retail manager for Dymocks)…

I make a point of looking at all self-published books that come my way, but it’s really only around one in every 10 books that I’ll end up stocking. Something lets many of them down – it’s either the cover, or the production values – so it doesn’t look like a professionally published book. It’s important to spend a little extra on those things. A printer will print anything you want, so it’s up to you to get it right. It’s got to look right in your hand, and it’s got to feel right when you open the first page.

Since its establishment 15 years ago (coincidentally, the last 15 years is also the timeframe of the rise of self-publishing and the digital revolution), Castle has held to a key idea: your book can and should match the best on offer from established commercial publishers.

Sometimes, a mediocre-looking book costs the same to produce as a professional-looking book. In those cases where professionalism costs a little more, you find yourself with a more impressive and attractive product. And when it’s all said and done, why not do justice to the book you have toiled over? The finishing touches count.

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1. John Massam - November 21, 2014

Good one

Kind regards John and Valarie Massam

09-6301292 John Mobile 021-982161

103 Mountain Road Epsom.

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