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Steve on TV April 14, 2015

Posted by Andrew Killick (Publishing Manager) in 5. News.
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Stephen Shephard in Iran

Castle author Stephen Shephard appears on Shine TV tonight 8.30 NZ time, presenting a documentary in which he travels to Iran and discusses the subject of his book on Daniel 9 – The Prophetic Seventy Weeks Solved (visit Shine TV for more info).

Stephen’s book can be purchased direct from Castle (or your local Christian retailer in New Zealand or Koorong in Australia). It is also available as an ebook from Amazon or Kobo.

The prophecy of Daniel 9 regarding the ’70 Weeks’ has probably been the most debated passage since the birth of the Church, where virtually every mainstream interpretation has looked outside the biblical canon in order to try and understand its mystery.

However, compelling and exciting new evidence has shown that the answer to this renowned passage has been in the biblical record all along, and is foundational for understanding not only the first coming of Jesus Christ, but perhaps all prophecy today.