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Publishing Services March 17, 2008

Posted by Andrew Killick (Publishing Manager) in 1. How Castle Works, 4. Publishing Services.
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Since 2000, Castle has developed as a commercial publishing company with high production standards. We always aim for the best possible quality. Over the last three or fours years, we have offered that same level of service to self-publishers and other organisations. Our clients have included large organisations like the Salvation Army, Pascoes and OMF NZ, but also lots of individual authors who have fulfilled their ambitions and produced great self-published books.

Here are the main publishing services we offer. You can use any or all of them:

Editing. Authors can be a bit nervous about editing, but it really is a crucial part of getting your book ready for publication. A good editor can ‘get inside the author’s skin’, maintaining the author’s ‘voice’ and tone while polishing the writing to make it easier to read and more accurate. The final result of editing should be to add value, not subtract it. Some manuscripts only need a little bit of editing and some need a lot! Castle provides experienced editors who treat your work with care and attention to detail.

Design. Even though we’ve been told a million times not to judge a book by its cover, the truth is that most people do! The quality of the cover will shape a person’s impression of the quality of the book itself. The cover design needs to be eye-catching and in keeping with the tone and content of the book. Book design also extends beyond the cover to the inside pages, and that’s where layout and typesetting come in…

Layout and Typesetting. Professional layout and typesetting change your manuscript from a plain old Word document into a book. The true art of layout and typesetting is to create a coherent design that flows from the cover to the inside pages, while taking into account the comfort and perspective of the reader. In other words, make the book look good and easy to read! It involves selecting typefaces, working out line spacing and placing all the elements (body text, page numbers, headers, headings and pictures) on the page.

ISBN and Barcode. The ins and outs of the legal requirements of book publishing can be a bit daunting. So Castle takes care of obtaining an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) (required by law for all books published in New Zealand) and a barcode (so that the book can be sold in bookshops).

Proofreading. As my boss is fond of saying, ‘It’s easier to change something before it’s printed than after.’ That’s why proofreading is so important. This process eliminates any last minute mistakes – misspelt words, missing words etc. We have experienced proofreaders who can help ensure that your work is free of annoying little errors.

Printing and Binding. The last step in the production process. Our sister company, Wentforth Print, has over 30 years’ experience in the printing business. They have in-house offset printing facilities for large quantities and the latest digital technology for smaller quantities and ‘print-on-demand’ jobs (so that you can get new stock as and when you need it). They also act as brokers for off-shore printing.

eBook. The revolution in publishing! But it’s not an either/or thing (although it can be if you want!): it’s worth having your book in ebook and printed form – marketing and selling your book is all about having ‘strings to your bow’ – making your book available as an ebook creates another avenue for people to find and read your book – all over the world! Castle has all the expertise to navigate the technical aspects of ebook production.

Distribution. In many cases, Castle is able to assist in distributing your book to the booktrade. In particular, Castle has a great working relationship with the New Zealand Christian booktrade. We will assess your finished book, and if we think we can help, we will buy stock from you and on-sell it to bookshops. We can also help with ebook distribution, utilising our international ebook retail partners, making your book available to a much wider audience.

Support and Advice. This where it really comes in handy working with a commercial publishing company. As you self-publish your book you can take advantage of our experience and expertise. As part of the total package, we will guide you through the publishing process and give you advice on things like setting a retail price and marketing your book.

Contact us for more info or to get a publishing services quote.