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An interview with Sir Patrick July 2, 2014

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Sir Patrick Eisdell Moore, author of our Rampart book So Old So Quick, was interviewed on Radio NZ’s Nine to Noon show earlier this week.

You can listened to the full interview here.

More about the book (and purchase online) on the Castle website.


New Release: So Old So Quick May 30, 2014

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So Old So QuickWe have great pleasure in announcing So Old So Quick, our latest title, published under our Rampart imprint.

Published in the author’s 97th year, this is the memoir of an Auckland lad who went on to accomplished amazing things. During the war, Sir Pat served as a medical officer, the only Pakeha in the Maori Battalion. In the post-war years, as an ENT specialist he pioneered community health initiatives, cochlear implants and the establishment of Auckland’s Hearing House.

About Rampart: Castle’s Rampart imprint presents inspiring New Zealand stories for a general readership.

For more info about So Old So Quick and to purchase copies (print and ebook) visit the Castle website.

New books! February 27, 2012

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The year has begun with a hiss and a roar, so here’s a round-up of the new titles we have on offer. These were all released at the end of last year and the beginning of 2012…

Called to Lead, by Stuart Crosson. This an emerging leaders curriculum, designed so that churches can invest in the next generation of leaders. It is aimed at 18-30 year olds who are beginning to explore their call from God. It covers the following key topics (over a recommended 18 month timeframe): God’s Revelation, Character Formation, Leadership Formation, Spiritual Formation, Practical Church Ministry and Leading in Life. Stu is the vicar at St Matthew’s Anglican Church in Dunedin. This curriculum is based on many years practical teaching experience and is grounded in a New Zealand context. Called to Lead is a vital and easy to use resource that will give young people a great foundation and bring out their true leadership potential. For more information about this resource and to order copies online, visit the Castle website.

Help in Times of Need, by Neville and Margaret Williamson. This booklet is an amazing collection of poems, quotes, prayers and practical help, and provides comfort whenever you are going through testing times: illness, convalescence, bereavement, you have personal problems, marriage problems, children problems, surgery, cancer, miscarriage, redundancy, trauma, stress. It is written so that you can gain comfort, and also share it with other people who are experiencing hard times. Many lives have already been impacted by this booklet and it has been incredibly popular since it was first published. With over 60,000 copies in print it is now available in a Castle edition. Order copies here.

The Biblical Mandate for Caring for Creation, by Dick Tripp. Rev Dick Tripp is a prolific author who always engages with the big issues – issues which are at the heart of the Christian faith and the reality of that faith in our lives and society. With the evidence of climate change, environmental issues have made their way to the forefront of people’s thinking in recent years, and there is also a growing movement within the church – Christians are beginning to take ‘creation care’ seriously. This new book is very timely. In it, Dick examines the biblical basis for why Christians should take an active interest in how we look after our natural environment. As Archbishop David Moxon says in the foreword: “Dick’s work provides the biblical and spiritual motivation we need to move forward at this critical time. Readers of this well-researched and intelligently-argued resource will be given an irresistible biblical vision and mandate to redeem what is being despoiled.” Published by Avery Bartlett Books, available from Castle.

Out from Under the Will of the Sea, by Hideo Hatakeda. This is the compelling story of a young Japanese pastor attempting to start his own church in 1960s Japan, and facing a menacing wall of church legalism. The burdens placed on him by those who enforce their authority over him become almost too much to bear. But there is hope. This book tells the story of “the awakening” of Hatakeda, as he discovers the difference between the true heart of Jesus and the intentions of the leaders who have tried to dominate him. Pastor Hatakeda has a unique link with New Zealand. In 1963, as a young man, he visited Auckland for three months. During this time, he became a Christian – changing the course of his life forever. This March, he is visiting New Zealand to promote his book and speak at various churches about his work in Japan. Contact us for more info about his visit, and to purchase a copy of his book, visit the Castle website.

Sad news October 25, 2011

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We at Castle were very saddened to hear of the recent passing of Dr Howard Harper.

The following is an excerpt from the obituary in the New Zealand Herald:

HARPER, Dr Howard Fife FRCF. Passed away peacefully in London on 19 October 2011 after a lengthy illness, aged 80 years. It can truly be said that “a mighty Totara has fallen”. Raised in New Zealand, he spent 50 years of his life with his beloved wife Monica, in pioneering missionary and medical work in Central Asia. He was an indefatigable character who kept his focus on enabling people to see again physically and spiritually until the last weeks of his life.

At Castle we were honoured to be able to help tell his story through working on the book which his daughter Faith Goldberg compiled. He was a truly inspirational man who touched the lives of thousands of people. It is wonderful to think that this mostly unsung hero received some recognition in his home country towards the end of his life. We believe that his life and legacy will continue to be treasured for many years to come.

Inspiring art August 2, 2011

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The other night I was watching a re-run of the excellent TV series presented by Justin Paton called ‘How To Look At A Painting‘. It was the episode about New Zealand landscape painting.

I was fascinated by the discussion about Robin White’s 12-panel piece, ‘Summer Grass’, not least of all because one of the stories that sparked White’s imagination comes from one of our books.

‘Summer Grass’ is a painting about the Featherston Prisoner of War Camp where over 800 Japanese prisoners were held during WW2, and where 48 prisoners died in 1943 under fire from camp guards during a riot. White related reading the story of one prisoner who heard the quote ‘they shall mount up with wings as eagles…’ This prisoner realised that the quote was from the Bible and began reading from the beginning of the Bible until he found the words. Moved by this story, White incorporated the text from Isaiah 40, written in Japanese script, into her painting.

The story that so inspired White is found in Beyond Death and Dishonour by Michiharu Shinya. Starting in 2000, at the request of the author, who wanted to give his memoirs as a gift to the people of New Zealand, we started work on revising and updating the text that was first published as ‘The Path from Guadalcanal’ (Outrigger, 1979). It was a fascinating project as we edited the original translation and worked alongside the family of Hessell Troughton (the padre at Featherston who gave Shinya a Bible), and with people such as Noel Earles (who had been a guard at the camp at the end of the war). The story attracted quite a lot of attention when it was published in 2001 and continues to be popular today.

For information about Beyond Death and Dishonour and to purchase a copy online, visit the Castle website here.

Hot off the press: The Real Goal July 26, 2011

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Well, there’s a certain rather large sporting event taking place in New Zealand in less than two months. New Zealand is rugby-mad at the best of times but when it comes to the world cup (our worries about how well the All Blacks will perform aside) the intensity goes up more than one notch. Add to that an influx of rugby fans from around the world, and this creates a rather unique context.

We want people to know more about Jesus. We believe in a message that can change individuals and the world for the better. So when you combine that with the rugby context, what comes out is something like our newest production – The Real Goal.

This pocket-sized (90mm x 148mm) 8-page gospel tract booklet features contemporary design and a conversational style to explain the Christian gospel message for sports fans – especially fans of Union or League. Written by Laidlaw College lecturer Mark Keown (author of What’s God Up To On Planet Earth?) and Jeff Hagan.

We’re really excited about this.

Please head over to this page on our website, where you can preview the booklet as a pdf, get more info, and purchase copies (only 50c (NZ) each)…

An award-winning subject May 9, 2011

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Last year, when we began publicising the excellent book From Kabul with Love, we described the subject of the book, Dr Howard Harper, as being “one of New Zealand’s unsung heroes”. The wonderful thing is that since then, Howard has become a lot more “sung”!

The original publication of the book coincided with Howard being awarded the Augusta Award – a distinguished “old boys” award from Auckland Grammar, an award previously received by such people as Sir Edmund Hillary.

Last month, Howard was again honoured, this time with the Supreme Award at the KEA 2011 World Class New Zealand Awards.

Here’s an interview from the KEA event in which he pays tribute to his faith and the reasons why he has invested his life in helping the people of Afghanistan and nearby countries (and continues to do so)…

Dr Howard Harper interview at World Class New Zealand Awards 2011 from World Class New Zealand on Vimeo.

Interview with Howard Harper November 9, 2010

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A superb interviewed aired today on Radio NZ’s National Radio with Howard Harper – the subject of the new Castle book From Kabul with Love.

This interview follows on the heels of a brilliant cover story on Dr Harper which appeared in the Listener.

So, for your listening and reading pleasure:

Audio of the National Radio interview is here.

And the full text of the Listener article is here.

And of course you’ll also want to get the book – it’s available from Whitcoulls or purchase it online at the Castle website here.

Contact us with any comments or enquiries.


On the press: From Kabul with Love October 22, 2010

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Book coverThe next Castle title is now on the press. From Kabul with Love is an utterly unique book – it follows the adventures of New Zealander Howard Harper, as he embarks as a medical worker into Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The story is told through letters sent between Howard and Monika Harper, and Howard’s father, Auckland Pharmacist, Stan Harper.

Howard sets off as a young man in the 1950s first of all to Pakistan, and then to study medicine in England. In England he meets and marries a young nurse, Monika, before heading back to Pakistan – driving overland from England with a caravan in tow. Their adventures eventually take them to Afghanistan in the 1960s to work with the blind and provide relief aid.

What is remarkable about this book is the honesty of the letters. They reveal the human face of life in extremely challenging environments and of those at home in 1950s and 60s New Zealand.

Publication of this book coincides with Howard Harper being awarded the prestigious 2010 Augusta Award from Auckland Grammar School. Past winners have included many well-known New Zealanders, including Sir Ed Hillary.

For Castle, the other thing that has made this project unique is that it has been a truly international effort. Howard and Monika currently live in the UK. The compiler of the book, Howard and Monika’s daughter, Dr Faith Goldberg, lives in Israel. Meanwhile, the book is being published here in New Zealand and is printing in both NZ and the UK.

With an article about Howard appearing in The Listener this week, and other coverage surrounding his award, we’re looking forward to more people finding out about about this remarkable New Zealander and reading From Kabul with Love.

For more information and to purchase the book online, visit the Castle website.

Launch: Transformed Lives August 17, 2010

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April 2010 was a month of launches – in all I attended four launches for books that Castle had been involved with: Trial to Triumph (publishing services), Thank You for Being My Father (publishing services), and two launches (one in Auckland and one in Tauranga) for the new Castle book Transformed Lives.

Both launches for Transformed Lives were great. The first was held at the headquarters of Christian Ministries with Disabled Trust (CMWDT) in Auckland. The second was held at Bethlehem Community Church in Tauranga. A lot of the contributors to the book – people who were caught up in the Charismatic Movement during the 1960s and 70s – were there and it was inspirational to meet them face to face.

As part of the exposure for the book, Bev Montgomery (who compiled the book) and two of the other contributors – David Cowie and Ian Garratt – were interviewed on Rhema. You can listen to those interviews here. The following day, Dale Williamson, who wrote her PhD Thesis on the Charismatic Movement, was also interviewed. Her fascinating interview is here.

Below is a picture from the Tauranga launch – Bev Montgomery signs copies of her book, flanked by a number of the contributing authors.

Visit the Castle website for more info on Transformed Lives or contact us to order copies.