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Inspiring art August 2, 2011

Posted by Andrew Killick (Publishing Manager) in 3. Castle Books, Beyond Death and Dishonour.
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The other night I was watching a re-run of the excellent TV series presented by Justin Paton called ‘How To Look At A Painting‘. It was the episode about New Zealand landscape painting.

I was fascinated by the discussion about Robin White’s 12-panel piece, ‘Summer Grass’, not least of all because one of the stories that sparked White’s imagination comes from one of our books.

‘Summer Grass’ is a painting about the Featherston Prisoner of War Camp where over 800 Japanese prisoners were held during WW2, and where 48 prisoners died in 1943 under fire from camp guards during a riot. White related reading the story of one prisoner who heard the quote ‘they shall mount up with wings as eagles…’ This prisoner realised that the quote was from the Bible and began reading from the beginning of the Bible¬†until he found the words. Moved by this story, White incorporated the text from Isaiah 40, written in Japanese script, into her painting.

The story that so inspired White is found in Beyond Death and Dishonour by Michiharu Shinya. Starting in 2000, at the request of the author, who wanted to give his memoirs as a gift to the people of New Zealand, we started work on revising and updating the text that was first published as ‘The Path from Guadalcanal’ (Outrigger, 1979). It was a fascinating project as we edited the original translation and worked alongside the family of Hessell Troughton (the padre at Featherston who gave Shinya a Bible), and with people such as Noel Earles (who had been a guard at the camp at the end of the war). The story attracted quite a lot of attention when it was published in 2001 and continues to be popular today.

For information about Beyond Death and Dishonour and to purchase a copy online, visit the Castle website here.

Konnichi wa Kiwi April 28, 2008

Posted by Andrew Killick (Publishing Manager) in 3. Castle Books, 5. News, Beyond Death and Dishonour, Konnichi wa Kiwi.
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Konnichi wa coverWe here at Castle Publishing are excited to be launching an all-new Castle premier title: Konnichi wa Kiwi by OMF NZ Director Warren Payne. This a joint publishing effort between OMF and Castle Publishing.

Konnichi wa Kiwi is a really fascinating book. Primarily it is an autobiography in which Warren tells the story of how he and his young family served as missionaries in Japan between 1974 and 2000. It is an easy-to-read and often humorous account of what it’s like for an ordinary New Zealander to be faced with the cross-cultural challenges of a completely different culture.

Warren is passionate about seeing people go out into the mission field. So Konnichi wa Kiwi also includes study questions that will help people find God’s direction for their lives.

Warren is a brilliant and humble man who has been incredibly faithful in following God’s calling on his life. A few years ago he assisted in the publishing and promotion of the Castle classic Beyond Death and Dishonour by Michiharu Shinya. He talks about his experiences with that book in Konnichi wa Kiwi. It was great to be working with Warren again on this new book.

Konnichi wa Kiwi comes highly recommended, and is excellent value for money at just NZ$14.95 (rrp). For more info or to order copies, contact us. Ask for it at your local Christian bookshop.