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A free ebook March 22, 2013

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From today until Tuesday (26 March, NZ time) you can download the Kindle version of To Rise Above by Julianne Jones for free!

To Rise Above is a superb new historical novel. Katie, Samuel and Rhiannon have settled into a distant land but soon their faith will be tested beyond anything they had ever imagined… A story of drama, romance and intrigue set in colonial New South Wales. Great reading for adults and teenagers.

To visit the Amazon page and download the Kindle version (free until Tuesday), click here.

For more info about To Rise Above, or to purchase the printed book version, click here.

And if you’re interested in publishing an ebook of your own, contact us.


Writing: A lonely occupation? March 20, 2013

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Writing is essentially a solo occupation. Most authors seek out solitude when they’re working, but sometimes that solitude feels like isolation. The great news is that there are ways to find support and connect with other authors – you just need to know where to look.

Get with a groupBeing part of a community of writers provides an opportunity to bounce ideas around, get trusted constructive criticism and, importantly, to interact with people who understand what you’re up to! Many towns have writers’ groups – so perhaps search online or ask at your local library to find a group near you. But if you are a Christian author living in New Zealand, I’d like to point you in the direction of the New Zealand Christian Writers Guild.

This Saturday, the NZCWG is celebrating its 30th anniversary, with an event that features published author Dr John Sturt and Castle’s Managing Director John Massam as guest speakers. For 30 years the guild has been doing a fantastic job of supporting and up-skilling its authors. For more information about becoming a member, receiving copies of their publication or about their workshops and meetings, head over to the NZCWG website.

Another place to search for like-minded people and groups is on Facebook. Facebook is excellent for helping to build communities of people – no matter how geographically scattered those people might be. Recently I came across the Facebook group, Christian Writers Downunder – a friendly bunch of Australasian Christian writers getting together online. You’ll need a Facebook account, but you can visit their page and request to join in here.

So get alongside other authors, and avoid the pitfalls of always working alone.

To Rise Above March 11, 2013

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To Rise AboveCastle proudly presents a new fiction title – To Rise Above, by Julianne Jones. It’s a superbly written book – an exciting tale about the lives of a group of young people set in colonial New South Wales.

Julianne, who now lives in New Zealand, draws on the historical roots of her home country to create a vivid setting for a story about faith overcoming obstacles. To Rise Above focuses on the same characters as her first book – To a Distant Land (published by Arkhouse).

Here’s an excerpt from the back cover:

Katie, Samuel and Rhiannon have settled into a distant land but soon their faith will be tested beyond anything they had ever imagined…

After being wrongly accused and forced to give up everything, Katie Donovan has found new friends, new faith and a new family. But when it looks as if she’ll have to face even more heartache and loss will she have the strength to bear it?

Samuel McKinnon has accepted God’s plans for his life but he is about to come face-to-face with the harsh realities of colonial life. Will he give up or will he have the faith to persevere?

Rhiannon Sanford finally has the siblings she has longed for but then tragedy strikes and it looks as if she’ll lose everything she holds precious. Will she have the courage and faith to rise above?

Purchase To Rise Above in either printed or ebook version through the Castle website

Merry Christmas! December 20, 2012

Posted by Andrew Killick (Publishing Manager) in 5. News.

Castle Christmas Card 2012

Christmas gifts and holiday reading December 3, 2012

Posted by Andrew Killick (Publishing Manager) in 5. News.

Books! The ideal Christmas gift and the ultimate way to while away restful summer hours. In recent months Castle has added some excellent New Zealand-produced titles that perfectly fit the bill.

Here’s our Christmas and summer selection…

Christmas and summer selection

For more info and to purchase these titles (and more), visit our new releases page.


Into the Heart of Papua New Guinea November 22, 2012

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This is one seriously remarkable project, and a privilege for Castle to have worked on. Kay Liddle, along with his wife Gwen, pioneered mission work in Papua New Guinea in the early 1950s. When Kay first arrived in New Guinea, he waded ashore to the beach and had his baggage dumped around him by the ship’s crew who then sailed off over the horizon to leave him to his new adventure. His involvement with PNG has continued to this day, meaning that there is no shortage of fascinating stories about the work that was done, and a vast amount of mission experience, understanding and knowledge.

One book couldn’t do the story justice, so it was decided that Kay’s masterwork would be published in two volumes. Into the Heart of Papua New Guinea and Deeper into the Heart of Papua New Guinea are now available.

Book One covers the earlier years of Kay’s mission adventure, while Book Two charts a move from early ‘missionary work’ to contemporary ‘missions partnership’ alongside the flourishing of the Papuan church.

The scope of the project means that these books are not only an exciting and absorbing read, but also an important resource for understanding the history and development of mission work and policy in the last 60 years. This book really is a gift to the church – we can be thankful that Kay has documented this amazing story.

More more info and to purchase the books, visit the main Castle website.

Sylvia Bowden on TVNZ September 10, 2012

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Last week Sylvia Bowden, author of Get Out of My Pocket, appeared on TVNZ’s Breakfast show. You can purchase copies of her book direct from Castle here.

Here’s a link to the interview itself:


Get Out of My Pocket! August 23, 2012

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A couple of years ago, Sylvia Bowden published a book called How to Stop Your Kids Going Broke. It has helped a lot of parents to teach their kids financial skills, but everywhere Sylvia went people would say with a smile, “I need a book about how to stop my kids sending me broke.” So she wrote one! Get Out of My Pocket is the result.

The book is easy to read and contains a vast amount of sound and practical advice about handling your children’s wants and needs without a massive financial burden. Sylvia provides advice for parents of children of all ages – from infants, to adult children living away from home. There are tips here about sound financial household practices and ways that you can prepare your kids for their future.

Get Out of My Pocket is published by Silbo Systems and distributed by Castle Publishing. For more information or to purchase a copy (or two!) visit the Castle website.

Launching Precious Treasure, Clay Pot May 9, 2012

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On Sunday 22 April, Florence Brown launched her new book at Calvin Community Church in Gore. The book is called Precious Treasure, Clay Pot and tells the story of her life as a missionary nurse in Nepal. Flo was assisted in the writing of the book by her friend Valmai Redhead and they brought the project to Castle for layout, design and printing.

Just on 200 people turned up to the book launch, including Murray Dunn (former New Zealand Director of SIM) and other local mission reps. A local Nepali family came dressed in national attire and brought a greeting. After Flo and Valmai spoke about the long but rewarding process of compiling the book, they unveiled the books which had been covered by a Nepali sari for most of the ceremony.

Precious Treasure, Clay Pot is an excellent book and a credit to Flo and Valmai. Castle has continued its involvement with the project by acting as a distributor. Copies of the book are available direct from Castle, or ask for it at your local Christian bookshop.

Here are some photos from the event:

New books! February 27, 2012

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The year has begun with a hiss and a roar, so here’s a round-up of the new titles we have on offer. These were all released at the end of last year and the beginning of 2012…

Called to Lead, by Stuart Crosson. This an emerging leaders curriculum, designed so that churches can invest in the next generation of leaders. It is aimed at 18-30 year olds who are beginning to explore their call from God. It covers the following key topics (over a recommended 18 month timeframe): God’s Revelation, Character Formation, Leadership Formation, Spiritual Formation, Practical Church Ministry and Leading in Life. Stu is the vicar at St Matthew’s Anglican Church in Dunedin. This curriculum is based on many years practical teaching experience and is grounded in a New Zealand context. Called to Lead is a vital and easy to use resource that will give young people a great foundation and bring out their true leadership potential. For more information about this resource and to order copies online, visit the Castle website.

Help in Times of Need, by Neville and Margaret Williamson. This booklet is an amazing collection of poems, quotes, prayers and practical help, and provides comfort whenever you are going through testing times: illness, convalescence, bereavement, you have personal problems, marriage problems, children problems, surgery, cancer, miscarriage, redundancy, trauma, stress. It is written so that you can gain comfort, and also share it with other people who are experiencing hard times. Many lives have already been impacted by this booklet and it has been incredibly popular since it was first published. With over 60,000 copies in print it is now available in a Castle edition. Order copies here.

The Biblical Mandate for Caring for Creation, by Dick Tripp. Rev Dick Tripp is a prolific author who always engages with the big issues – issues which are at the heart of the Christian faith and the reality of that faith in our lives and society. With the evidence of climate change, environmental issues have made their way to the forefront of people’s thinking in recent years, and there is also a growing movement within the church – Christians are beginning to take ‘creation care’ seriously. This new book is very timely. In it, Dick examines the biblical basis for why Christians should take an active interest in how we look after our natural environment. As Archbishop David Moxon says in the foreword: “Dick’s work provides the biblical and spiritual motivation we need to move forward at this critical time. Readers of this well-researched and intelligently-argued resource will be given an irresistible biblical vision and mandate to redeem what is being despoiled.” Published by Avery Bartlett Books, available from Castle.

Out from Under the Will of the Sea, by Hideo Hatakeda. This is the compelling story of a young Japanese pastor attempting to start his own church in 1960s Japan, and facing a menacing wall of church legalism. The burdens placed on him by those who enforce their authority over him become almost too much to bear. But there is hope. This book tells the story of “the awakening” of Hatakeda, as he discovers the difference between the true heart of Jesus and the intentions of the leaders who have tried to dominate him. Pastor Hatakeda has a unique link with New Zealand. In 1963, as a young man, he visited Auckland for three months. During this time, he became a Christian – changing the course of his life forever. This March, he is visiting New Zealand to promote his book and speak at various churches about his work in Japan. Contact us for more info about his visit, and to purchase a copy of his book, visit the Castle website.