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Christmas Gift Guide 2017 November 14, 2017

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It’s that time of the year again, and Castle has been busy in 2017 creating books that make great Christmas gifts.

In our 2017 Christmas selection we have: When Life Gets Tough by Trixie Jellie (the inspirational true story of a woman who survived being thrown off a bridge, NZ$21.95), The Truth Will Out by Clare Matravers (a novel about truth and redemption, NZ$24.95), Light for Life by Maurice and Lorraine Harvey (the latest book from the global missionary adventurers, $29.95), The Battle for Everglade by C.A. Imriel (an exciting novel for readers age 10-99, NZ$22.00) and Anointed for Work by Richard Brunton (a great stocking filler from our bestselling author, $5.95).

Plus there’s lots more on the Castle website! Click on the image above to visit our new and recent releases page.



10 questions with Richard Brunton August 25, 2017

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Richard Brunton was a pioneer of the market research industry in New Zealand. He co-founded Colmar Brunton in 1981 and built the business into the country’s best known and most trusted research company. In recent years, he’s become more extensively involved in Christian ministry, including as a frequent speaker at Promise Keepers, and we at Castle Publishing have had the privilege of working with him on the two books he has published to date – The Awesome Power of Blessing (2016, now in its second edition) and Anointed for Work (which came out in June this year).

He’s been busy – but we had the opportunity to ask him a few questions:

How did you come to write your latest book, Anointed for Work?

I had felt throughout my business life that as a businessman I was a second class Christian – that I was engaged in the ‘worthless’ in order to give financially to the ‘worthy’. But I came to realise that work is a calling – that over 90% of us are called to the marketplace or the home. God has chosen a plumber to be a plumber not a pastor and He has chosen a pastor to be a pastor and not a plumber. It’s up to each of us to do what God has called us to do and to do it “as unto the Lord.” We are to work in partnership with the Holy Spirit for intimacy and  joy and satisfaction – ours and His. The outputs of such a partnership – with gifts of the Spirit – will be excellence, beauty and creativity, and God will be glorified. Yes, the gifts of the Spirit are for the marketplace and not just within the four walls of the church. It follows that if there is an anointing and an equipping for pastors then there should also be an anointing for those called into the marketplace or the home. So I’ve tested this out on hundreds, if not thousands, of people and I’ve found that the Holy Spirit is eager to anoint marketplace ministers as per Exodus 31.

In a nutshell, what’s the message of the book?

That work is where we live out the Kingdom to the glory of God.

How has the new book been received so far?

I’ve sold around 1,300 copies since June, with very good feedback.

You were involved in setting up one of NZ’s best known companies. What is one key way your faith informed your business success?

I brought love to work (via the Holy Spirit); through this we built a great culture that attracted and retained the best talent. In our business, people are everything.

What’s your number one tip for a young Christian person starting their career?

Strive for excellence in all you do, have a servant attitude and seek to help make the business great. Engage the Holy Spirit in everything you do – you walk in the Spirit to the degree that you talk to the Spirit.

How has your previous book, The Awesome Power of Blessing, been received?

This book has been and still is amazing – nearly 18,000 copies sold in New Zealand. Nearly every day I get a testimony or a book order or an invitation to speak. I’ve just printed 10,000 in Australia for Australia, am about to print another 10,000 in Swahili for East Africa, and French and Hindi translations are freely available on my website. All this in 14 months.

What is your ultimate dream for the new book, and your earlier book?

For Anointed for Work I want to see marketplace ministers acknowledged, anointed and equipped by pastors. For The Awesome Power of Blessing I want to see one million people around the world actively blessing their homes, spouses, children (especially the father’s blessing), workplaces and those that curse them. This can change the world.

What are you most passionate about?

Christians moving in the authority that Jesus won for them on the cross – in blessing, healing and deliverance. Too many Christian are waiting on God without realising that He is waiting on us. We are asking Him to move the mountain when He has authorised us to speak to it and shift it.

What’s next on the horizon for Richard Brunton?

Short term: Africa, Fiji, book sales, speaking, equipping the saints in blessing, healing and deliverance. Longer term: I don’t know – I’m on a Holy Ghost treadmill – He keeps moving and I try to keep up!

Head over to the Castle website for more information or to purchase Anointed for Work or The Awesome Power of Blessing.

Author feature: The Harveys August 11, 2016

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Castle authors Lorraine and Maurice Harvey have done a lot in their lives – enough to fill four books (so far!).

The Harveys have been married for over 50 years – they married on the mission field in Africa – and during that time have been to many far-flung places.

Maurice is most famous for his work as the photojournalist for the United Bible Societies. He has visited 160 countries, territories and disputed territories – making him one of NZ’s most travelled people. His books Shooting the Globe, Reading the Funny Bible and Into the Great Unknown are packed with the stories of his adventures.

Lorraine has also been busy. As well as raising two children, she became a skilled Bible teacher, and over the years has been involved with Christian Women’s Fellowship and Christian Women Communicating International, amongst other Christian initiatives. Earlier this year Lorraine released A Handful of Streamers.

Lorraine and Maurice have been based in Africa, Fiji, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and the UK. They now live in Auckland, New Zealand.

Castle is massively privileged to have worked with the Harveys. They are a prime example of the unassuming yet extraordinary Christian New Zealanders we love.

Christmas Gift Guide 2015 December 7, 2015

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christmas-2015-clusterHere’s our 2015 Christmas gift and summer reading guide…

Books make great gifts. Something for you or something for someone you love, here are six high-quality, highly recommended New Zealand books, new and recent releases, with a great message, and brought to you by Castle…

Forgiveness: The biography of Ferdinand Christiaan Hansen, by Jocelyn Judd. The gripping and gritty true story of a Dutch child sent to a Japanese concentration camp in Indonesia during WW2. A hard-hitting and emotional story with an element of adventure; a book about survival and redemption. Ideal for male and female adult readers. Hot off the press. Only NZ$24.95. Here.

Ripples in the Water, by Clare Matravers. A real and powerful work of contemporary fiction. Sapphire Nord, a first year university student, is in trouble – BIG trouble and doesn’t know what to do. Her life is touched by tragedy, romance, an illness and faith before she encounters a mysterious woman with a huge secret – one that will change her life forever… Recommended primarily for a female audience, but with compelling storytelling for all readers. Only NZ$24.95. Here.

For the Love of Christmas, by Heather McCall. Faith – Flowers – Food – the quintessential guide to making your Christmas beautiful. This full-colour coffee-table style book is equal parts practical resource and stunning gift. Complete with thoughts about rediscovering the true meaning of Christmas, recipes and decorating ideas – for this Christmas and many Christmases to come. For those who love to cook, decorate and entertain. Only NZ$39.95. Here (including a link to see inside the book).

It’s Okay to Die, by The Dando Family. As featured on Rhema. With its bold title, this book certainly stops us in our tracks. It tells the story of Shirley and Graeme Dando and their cancer journey, as they seek physical healing and grow in their faith and trust no matter what transpires. Vital and inspirational reading that takes us inside a personal story of faith in the tough times and asks the big questions about God in our lives. Recommended for adult readers of all ages. Only NZ$26.95. Here.

The Wonder of It All, by Evelyn Lalahi. In this beautifully illustrated picture book, two boys spend a wonderful day with their Gran – having fun, learning all about the amazing God who created them, and finding out how they can know Him. A warm-hearted story of family love and the love and awesomeness of God. Softcover with 16 pages of full-colour illustrations. Suitable for 4 to 8 year olds. Reading age 6+. Only NZ$9.95. Here (including a link to see inside the book).

Water Under the Bridge, by Don Barry. Published this year and now in its third printing, the top-selling title of 2015. This is the story of lessons learnt – with some blood, sweat and tears – during 40 years of pastoral ministry. With sincere honesty, Don Barry (Gateway, Hamilton) lays open his challenges, failures and successes, taking us on a journey into values-shaped leadership. Recommended for those interested in church life and pastoral leadership. Only NZ$24.95. Here.

For all these, and more, head over to the new releases page on the Castle website. To safely ensure pre-Christmas delivery in NZ, order on or before Monday 21 December.

Steve on TV April 14, 2015

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Stephen Shephard in Iran

Castle author Stephen Shephard appears on Shine TV tonight 8.30 NZ time, presenting a documentary in which he travels to Iran and discusses the subject of his book on Daniel 9 – The Prophetic Seventy Weeks Solved (visit Shine TV for more info).

Stephen’s book can be purchased direct from Castle (or your local Christian retailer in New Zealand or Koorong in Australia). It is also available as an ebook from Amazon or Kobo.

The prophecy of Daniel 9 regarding the ’70 Weeks’ has probably been the most debated passage since the birth of the Church, where virtually every mainstream interpretation has looked outside the biblical canon in order to try and understand its mystery.

However, compelling and exciting new evidence has shown that the answer to this renowned passage has been in the biblical record all along, and is foundational for understanding not only the first coming of Jesus Christ, but perhaps all prophecy today.

Come on an adventure… March 27, 2015

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Come on an adventure

Castle facilitates adventures, and you can come along on that journey. Here’s how…

We’re in the business of books, and books are always designed to take people on a journey – whether that’s through the excitement and intrigue of a fictional or true life story, or through thinking more deeply about God, life, the universe and everything. We count it our privilege to provide books that take people somewhere.

Then there are the people who love reading but aren’t content to only tag along on another author’s journey – they have a desire to create a book of their own – and Castle provides adventures for those kinds of people too.

We’re still in the first quarter of 2015 (just!), and maybe this year you want to create the book that you’ve dreamed of or that other people have encouraged you to write and publish. Exciting times!

But it’s not always easy to start or to know what the next step is without a bit of help and guidance.

Sometimes you might feel a little bit out of your depth – but what’s an adventure without a little bit of trepidation? All the best adventures start out with that first step.

Stepping out with Castle makes the whole journey that much easier – we can be your expert guide, and help steer you through the adventure of publishing your book.

Come on an adventure… Contact us.

Christmas Gift Guide 2014 December 9, 2014

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Christmas 2014 booksHere’s our 2014 Christmas gift and summer reading guide…

Books make great gifts, and what better way to spend a relaxing summer’s day than reading? Something for you or something for someone you love, here are five great New Zealand books, new and recent releases, 100% homegrown with a great message, and brought to you by Castle…

To Await the Dream, by Julianne Jones. Book 3 of the Distant Land series, hot off the press. Drama and romance set against the backdrop of colonial New South Wales. Historical fiction for adults and young adults. Only $24.95. Here.

The Marriage You Never Dreamed Of, by Brian Taylor. An excellent book complete with study questions for engaged couples, married couples (from newlywed to diamond anniversary and beyond), and people thinking about getting married. Presented in a large format. Only $39.00. Here.

For the Love of Christmas, by Heather McCall. Faith – Flowers – Food – the quintessential guide to making your Christmas beautiful. This full-colour coffee-table style book is equal parts practical resource and stunning gift. Complete with thoughts about rediscovering the true meaning of Christmas, recipes and decorating ideas – for this Christmas and many Christmases to come. Only $39.95. Here (including a link to see inside the book).

The Wind Rises, by G M Lincoln. Two teens – two quests – many enemies. Thrown together by circumstances and courageous enough to risk everything, Arlia and Eldon will have to make some hard choices and discern who they can trust if they are to survive. An exciting fantasy fiction adventure story for young adults (and adults!). Only $21.95. Here.

So Old So Quick, by Sir Patrick Eisdell Moore. Published under Castle’s Rampart imprint for mainstream titles, So Old So Quick is the inspirational story of a New Zealand medical pioneer. With plenty of adventures along the way, this is the autobiography of a remarkable life, told with charm, honesty and insight. Only 34.95. Here.

For all these, and more, head over to the new releases page on the Castle website. Order online this week and receive your books in time for Christmas.

Christmas and Summer Reading Gift Guide 2013 December 6, 2013

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Here’s a round-up of new and recent releases from Castle that we think will make great Christmas gifts and reading for your summer holiday. As always, everything is home-grown right here in New Zealand…

Christmas and summer selection


Mrs Shepherd’s Oven, by Patsy Nealon. For kids, age 4-9.

Mrs Shepherd has pies to bake for her knitting group. She is not happy because her brick oven has fallen down. What will she do? The quirky and fun adventures of a family of shepherds whose story touches on, and coincides with, the Christmas story. Great reading for all year round, and for general (as well as Christian) audiences. Illustrated throughout with water colour cartoon pictures that kids will love. Softcover, 22 pages full colour. A Castle Kids book! NZ$17.95. More info, view a sample or purchase here. (Or ask for it at your local Christian bookshop.)

Your Secret World, by Brian Goodwin. General adult.

This book examines your ‘secret world’ – the inner workings of your heart, soul and mind – and shows just how important they are in your everyday life. With compassion, insight and love, Brian Goodwin explains what ‘makes us tick’, looking at the things that spark our desire or hold us back, and opening us up to a heart to heart relationship with the Creator and others. Your Secret World draws on a wealth of biblical wisdom and the work of other Christian authors. Available as a printed book or ebook. NZ$26.95 (ebook US$9.99). More info, view a sample or purchase here. (Or ask for it at your local Christian bookshop.)

The True Adventures of Lucy the Hen, by Daphne Joy. For kids, age 4-9.

In the chicken run, there is no one else quite like Lucy! Lucy is a very clever and special hen. In this beautifully illustrated full colour picture book, Daphne Joy tells us some of Lucy’s true life adventures. Each story concludes with ‘Learning with Lucy’ – bite-sized thoughts that apply the things that Lucy learns to our everyday lives. Softcover, 28 pages full colour. A Castle Kids book! NZ$14.95. More info, view a sample or purchase here. (Or ask for it at your local Christian bookshop.)

To Rise Above, by Julianne Jones. Young adult and general adult historical fiction.

Katie, Samuel and Rhiannon have settled into a distant land but soon their faith will be tested beyond anything they had ever imagined… Julianne Jones’s superb second historical novel. A story of drama, romance and intrigue set in colonial New South Wales. Great reading for teenagers and adults. Available as a printed book or ebook. NZ$24.95 (ebook US$9.99). More info or purchase here. (Or ask for it at your local Christian bookshop.)

Into the Heart of PNG, by Kay Liddle. General adult.

In 1952 Kay Liddle waded ashore on the northern coast of New Guinea – the start of a lifelong relationship with that remarkable country. This is Kay’s personal story of years spent in service and partnership. It is filled with the difficulties, challenges and rewards of a dramatic life of mission. It is also the story of Christianity taking root and transforming the lives of ordinary Papuans – sharing the Good News, seeing whole groups of people move towards God, establishing churches, and training leaders. Available as a printed book or ebook. NZ$27.95 (ebook US$9.99). More info or purchase here. (Or ask for it at your local Christian bookshop.) Also available: Book Two.

Get Real, by Jill Stanley. General adult.

Real excerpts from an ordinary life in the hand of an extraordinary God. Jill Stanley’s real life story grabs and transports you from her quaint English village to Europe’s pulsating cities, and across both Atlantic and Pacific oceans to a remote island in the South Pacific. A transparent, brutally honest record of human passions, mistakes, flaws and sincere attempts to find lasting peace and truth. With hilarious adventures and powerful encounters, Jill will surely disarm and entertain you along the way. Available as a printed book or ebook. NZ$26.95 (ebook US$9.99). More info or purchase here. (Or ask for it at your local Christian bookshop.)

To see the complete line-up of our new and recent releases, visit the Castle website. Our catalogue contains an amazing range of books.

Self-publishing success story: The Gospel in Ten Words May 8, 2013

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the-gospel-in-ten-words_lgFor ten years Paul Ellis pastored a multicultural church in Hong Kong. He was also a professor at one of Asia’s leading business schools. Then he decided to return home to New Zealand to pursue his passion for writing and study, and even more importantly, to convey a message of God’s amazing grace and love through the written word.

He began writing a blog, escapetoreality.org, which grew to having a large and dedicated following all around the world. Then he published his first book – The Gospel in Ten Words. The book is described like this: “At a time when many are hearing mixed messages about the love of God, The Gospel in Ten Words is a welcome reminder of the good news revealed by Jesus. It is an invitation to return to the unmixed and liberating gospel of the apostles. This book will take you to the heavenly treasure rooms of grace and leave you awestruck at the stunning goodness of God… you will come face to face with the One who has called you to the thrilling adventure of living loved.”

Paul has been extremely proactive about reaching a growing number of people. In the nine months since he published his book, he has sold over 5000 copies – a superb result, and sales are continuing to grow. To give you an idea of just how promising this number of sales is – in New Zealand a non-fiction title currently reaches bestseller status when it reaches sales of 10,000 copies in its lifetime – Paul is half way there in under a year.

Paul has done a great job of building the profile of his writing, but he also produced a wonderful book which is touching lives across the globe. You can find out more about this book and purchase copies here.

Into the Heart of Papua New Guinea November 22, 2012

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This is one seriously remarkable project, and a privilege for Castle to have worked on. Kay Liddle, along with his wife Gwen, pioneered mission work in Papua New Guinea in the early 1950s. When Kay first arrived in New Guinea, he waded ashore to the beach and had his baggage dumped around him by the ship’s crew who then sailed off over the horizon to leave him to his new adventure. His involvement with PNG has continued to this day, meaning that there is no shortage of fascinating stories about the work that was done, and a vast amount of mission experience, understanding and knowledge.

One book couldn’t do the story justice, so it was decided that Kay’s masterwork would be published in two volumes. Into the Heart of Papua New Guinea and Deeper into the Heart of Papua New Guinea are now available.

Book One covers the earlier years of Kay’s mission adventure, while Book Two charts a move from early ‘missionary work’ to contemporary ‘missions partnership’ alongside the flourishing of the Papuan church.

The scope of the project means that these books are not only an exciting and absorbing read, but also an important resource for understanding the history and development of mission work and policy in the last 60 years. This book really is a gift to the church – we can be thankful that Kay has documented this amazing story.

More more info and to purchase the books, visit the main Castle website.